Elephant Rescue - Live Bait

Whew, what a crazy year it has been! I am pleased to announce that I've officially switched my personal studio from an all analog recording setup to a fully mobile Pro Tools 11 based setup, and tons of fun plugins, microphone preamps, and other goodies that has allowed me to take my craft to the next level.

 Most of the year has been transitioning into a new environment, repairing/replacing broken equipment, and making new friends. Somewhere in between I managed to keep working! My current project is midwest locals, Elephant Rescue, and their new live release "Live Bait". This is the first project I've done that will be released on multiple formats, including but not limited to VINYL!
 We're in the mixing and editing stages at the moment, but we're aiming for a early/mid 2015 release.

 I'm excited to see what 2015 brings! Happy new year, everyone!

Early Winters - Vanishing Act Release - Single Mic Acoustic EP

 On March 2nd, 2014, I flew to Los Angeles to help with the worldwide release show of Early Winters "Vanishing Act" at Zac Rae's studio, "The Bank". The show was broadcasted via Stageit, where fans could interact with the band and watch the intimate performance from their homes.
 After all the hard work that went into this short broadcast, a single RCA 44 ribbon mic (made famous by Elvis and Johnny Cash) was thrown up for Carina Round & Justin Rutledge to do a duet, live, and recorded onto an old Ampex reel-to-reel tape machine from the 50's. What a treat! If you want to hear the magic that came out of that performance, check out Early Winters Pledge Music campaign, and donate to their cause to receive a free copy to the Stageit show and the Single Mic EP.

Mike Mangione & The Union - Mercy Street

Over the summer, I packed up some gear and drove what seemed like forever into the middle of Wisconsin. We went to a place that Patrick had found, a barn behind a country house. As we were arriving, it started pouring down rain, and we had to be careful not to get the camera and recording equipment wet. After looking around, we decided the hay loft would be the best place to film; and the only way to get there was a single wood latter that looked older than all of us put together...

Sulek - Devil's Grin

 In April, I teamed up with photographer Danielle Burren to produce a music video for Sulek's "Devils Grin" from their album "Unbound at Last". The video was recorded live at Mad Planet in Milwaukee, WI.

The Owl Magazine Review

Hear This: Justin Heron
by Chandler Elena
Photography by: Danielle Burren
 The sincerity of Justin Heron‘s music doesn’t need any reinforcement from the chapel it was recorded in. From the withdrawn “Maybe It’s Best” to the more outgoing opener “Lay Me Down,” Heron implements the instrumentation of contemporary folk with an added element of traditional rock on his new EP. While the Milwaukee musician has been likened to the hushed tones of Sam Beam, the closing half of final track “Lullaby” showcases the somber tones of In Rainbows, leaving no evidence for an argument attempting to establish a narrow range of influences. Having already played a series of local shows and taken time to begin writing a full-length debut, it seems there will be more to keep an eye out for from this burgeoning singer/songwriter.

Original Article

Midweek Mixtape: Justin Heron

Mod City Magazine
By Stephanie Noel — March 20, 2013
Original Article

Photography by: Elizabeth Hooser

Justin Heron is a singer,songwriter and audio engineer out of Milwaukee. Heron has been on both sides of the recording studio, having produced two albums for Milwaukee based artist Sulek, as well as recently releasing his own debut album “The Justin Heron EP.” Heron thrives on creating and producing work that is above the mainstream. His personal musical style is one that is somewhat mysterious, with chilling vocal tracks and industrial guitar sounds. Heron aims to deliver work that is unlike anything else out there. When not in the studio producing or recording, Heron can be found playing shows in and around Milwaukee and the Chicagoland area.

With Heron’s well versed background in music we here at Mod City found it only fitting to have him be one of our guest DJ’s for our Midweek Mixtape column! Heron spent a lot of time creating a playlist that was more than just a playlist for our readers, but rather a musical experience. ”Some of my favorites right now are “I wish,” “Count Me In” and “That’s What Good Friends Do.” I built the playlist around those, having started with 45 songs and narrowing them down. The idea was for the listener to be shot out of a cannon from reality into introspection,” said Heron.

Make sure to “like” Heron on Facebook and follow him Twitter.

Now, sit back and get ready to go on a musical ride!

Leicester Bangs Review

Justin Heron’s debut release is a five track EP that showcases his folk-rock style, whilst leaving plenty of space for the myriad influences that have shaped his musical upbringing. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native plays regularly in and around his hometown, either solo or as part of a trio (with drummer, Nez and bassist Sam Matteson), and it’s this line-up who play on the EP, with assistance from Patrick Joseph Hoctor on cello and Kristina Priceman on violin.

Produced by Heron and recorded in the chapel of the Milwaukee Newman Center, there’s no shortage of dark atmosphere present throughout the five tracks, and on occasion the effect is quite haunting and ethereal, without succumbing to anything approaching the staged trappings of contemporary Goth.

The EP begins with the crashing intro of “Lay Me Down” though the track soon settles into something more arranged and almost anthemic. Indeed the dynamic acoustic guitars and big chorus bring to mind The Levellers. Middle track “Rag Doll” isn’t as easy to pin down. The soaring vocal, sweeping arrangement, strings and sentiments make it the standout three and a half minutes, from an EP that’s never less than impressive.

Phil S.
Leicester Bangs